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We Are a Powerful Modern Team in laterite Tiles

We are the manufacturer of laterite cladding tiles with different sizes number one in India. It’s 100 % natural and quality assured. We have a innovative team for row material collecting, production and packing. Our company is STONAGE Laterites located at Kannur Nayattupara Kerala. We came up with the idea of Laterite tile, which uses 2or3 layered stones of firmness and quality to make the tiles. 

Laterite Rock Stones have a variety of appearance due to the wrinkles. Their forms are suitable for an iwagumi layout which evokes a reef. For making such layout, an important point is to pay attention to the ridge line and the continuity of stones. It has distinctive characteristics just like ones of the Seiryu Stone, sharp and sheer edges and fair grayish-black color. You will enjoy the dynamism of the aquascape created with the black mountain stones.

The stone is cut on a 9 bladed CNC machine .Its makes our product unique with same level and thickness and Required a less amount of gum. Each tile is of 20 mm thick, 18 cm wide, 30 cm long, one piece is 0.58 sqtf. A box can have 8 pieces. One piece weighs about 2 kg. One box is of 4.64 sqft,100 rs per sqft including tax at Kannur company.excluded transportation charges .

Stone age

Elevate Spaces Worldwide

We export our laterite tiles almost 10+ Countries in Worldwide. We are the company producing laterite tiles with new technology. Laterite is a soil and rock type rich in iron and aluminum and is commonly considered to have formed in hot and wet tropical areas